Welcome to the 34th Canadian Kyokushin Karate Championships web page.

All pertinent tournament information will be found within this web page.  Please browse the contents at your convenience to provide you with a better understanding of what this championship event is all about.

The Canadian Tournament started 34 years ago in a small elementary school gym in Richmond, BC.  Over the years it has grown to include all demographics of our organization and membership.

Kata divisions, Non-contact kumite divisions and Knockdown kumite divisions, for all ages, utilizing IKO Standard Tournament Rules are included in this annual event.

Safety has always been the paramount objective for all International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan Canada (IKOKC) sanctioned events.  The Canadian Championships is no exception, and has led the way providing excellent stewardship over the years regarding this aspect of the tournament.  Many other IKOKC tournament innovations developed over the years, are now seen throughout western Canada at all our events.  Additionally, our parent organization the International Karate Organization (IKO) as adopted many of our tournament innovations for use worldwide.

Kyokushin tournaments are about Kumite (fighting), but there is considerably more to any tournament than just the fighting.  A great deal of time has been spend by the IKOKC developing world class officials, well trained and well schooled in all the various rule categories.  This event also showcases our dedicated volunteers, who have gained valuable experience over the years, sponsoring an event such as this.

The 34th Canadian Kyokushin Karate Championships, will be dedicated to the “Women in Kyokushin Karate”.

To highlight that, there will be listing of all of the women who have achieved blacks belts in western Canada.  All those members still active will have documented a history of their participation in the “Canadian Tournament”.

The tournament and the IKOKC further recognizes all the women participants on the mat, officiating and volunteering at the tournament on May 13, 2017, at BCIT in Burnaby.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 34th Canadian Kyokushin Karate Championships.


Stuart Corrigal

Branch Chief, IKO